Crawl Maze

"One of the most unique attractions I have ever seen anywhere was also found here, almost over looked by us because at first we didn't know what it was — the Speleobox. This was a large, wooden box, about 6' x 6' high and wide and about 10' long, with two small openings in the front just large enough for a person who doesn't have much stomach on them to fit into. Inside there is a twisting maze of passages, strangely shaped openings, ramps, drops, and tight turns for children and adults brave (and thin) enough to attempt to negotiate and work their way through. The only way to get through is to crawl, push and pull yourself through on your stomach, back or side while bending, tugging and hoping that you can get through and come out the other opening. The idea of the box is to give you an idea what a spelunker (a cave explorer) must be able to do to explore underground caves and their tight, twisting passages. Both my sons managed to negotiate the Speleobox, although my eldest (grown adult) was a bit more winded and sweaty than my 14-year-old, barely 100 lb., son was. I admit it — I wasn't brave (or foolhardy) enough to try it."

An Outsider's Perspective

We are two local firefighters that have a dream of sharing this fantastic fun-filled kid and adult attraction to the Midwest region after experiencing it first-hand in Missouri. Our first year in the business was spent learning the industry and cold-calling any event coordinator that would give us an ear. After an exhausting summer of fun-filled events and phenomenal feedback, we learned that the Speleo Cave is a winner with our Greater Milwaukee audience, and thus, year two has begun. What we love most about the Speleo Cave is the responses from patrons of all ages such as “AMAZING, AWESOME, GREAT, CAN I GO AGAIN and HOW DO YOU FIT THAT MUCH IN THAT BOX!”. It is very gratifying to share this mentally and physically stimulating activity. Kids love to jump, so they go in a bounce house. Kids love to climb, so they climb a rock wall. They also love to crawl, and now they have Speleo Cave. We hope you will give us the opportunity to show you it and consider it as an additional recreational opportunity at your future event. You will not regret it! After all, Speleo Cave is new, unique and provides that mentally and physically challenging activity we all search for. Come BRAVE OUR CAVE and TAKE THE SPELEO CHALLENGE! 

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