Crawl Maze

Where was the name Speleo Cave derived from?
As a point of reference, the name Speleo was derived from Speleology which is the scientific study of caves. Speleo (noun): from the ancient Greek word meaning "cave". Speleologists had to learn how to contort their body in order to traverse difficult caves. The Speleo Cave simulates this experience and happens to be a ton of fun for kids and adults.


What are the age, size and miscellaneous limitations?
The Speleo Cave was designed for kids but fun for kids and adults 4 years old and older. It's not intended for people who are over 6' 0" tall, weigh over 200 lbs or have a waist size in excess of 36”. It's also not recommended for people who have a fear of tight spaces (claustrophobia), are pregnant, are mentally challenged, have physical limitations or have a past medical history (including but not limited to cardiac, respiratory, neck, back or head injuries, vertigo, etc.).


Is there a dress requirement?
No equipment or specialty gear is required for our Speleo Cave. We recommend no bulky or loose clothing, no scarves, no jewelry, no sharp objects, no glasses and no shoes. There is a possibility of splinters, and abrasions from maneuvering in the Speleo Cave. Long sleeves and pants are recommended.


Are cameras or cell phones allowed within the Speleo Cave?
Cameras and cell phones are discouraged. It is difficult enough to maneuver without having to constantly deal with carrying a camera or cell phone.  The only exception is when using a Sports Action, GoPro Hero or equivalent camera that is affixed to a headband, and only with the prior approval of the attendant.


How long does it take to traverse the Speleo Cave?
The average time to traverse the Speleo Cave is between 3 ½ to 6 ½ minutes.


How many patrons can be in the Speleo Cave at a time?
For safety reasons, we limit the number of patrons within the Speleo Cave at any given time to 10.


Are there rental discounts?
Midwest Speleo Cave LLC offers a $25 discount towards a future rental for every committed referral. We also work closely with community youth groups with fundraising opportunities.


How safe is the Speleo Cave?
As with any attraction, there is risk involved, and the Speleo Cave is no exception. Speleo Cave has low ceilings, narrow walls and tight spaces. There are no inherent dangers within the Speleo Cave that you may encounter in a real caving environment (i.e. slippery surfaces, mud, sharp surfaces, dislodged rocks, hypothermia, etc.).By entering into this attraction, the participant acknowledges and agrees with all posted warning signs and instructions. Participant assumes all risks of injury. To date, Midwest Speleo Cave has not had a medical incident, other than a small bump to the head which results when patrons rush through the attraction. The Speleo Cave has two gates which are strategically located for safety just in case a patron gets mentally stuck. Our wood surfaces are coated with polyurethane to prevent slivers and are cleaned prior to use. As with any amusement ride or attraction, there are limitations (see question regarding age, size and miscellaneous limitations).


What are the space requirements for Speleo Cave?
The Cave is secured to a 16' flatbed trailer specifically designed for the Speleo Cave. The trailer has an easy drop down ramp for smooth and safe passage for patrons to enter and exit the Cave. The complete unit in operation requires an approximate 24’ long x 9’ wide flat surface. Overhead space requirements are approximately 10’ 6”. For indoor facilities, an access door of approximately 12' x 12' is required.


Is the Speleo Cave insured?
Midwest Speleo Cave LLC carries a $1M General Liability policy, which is the industry standard.


How can I find out more about Speleo Cave as a business opportunity?
Speleo Cave has excellent earning capacity, is unique and different, has wide patron appeal, fast cycle times, etc. For more information on this opportunity, please contact us.


Are there other Speleo Caves in the US?
While the Speleo Cave is the only portable Crawl Maze in the Midwest, there are a couple stationary simulators located throughout the US. Here, in the Milwaukee area, Adventure Cave (a.k.a. Speleo Cave) is located within the Bounce Realm Indoor Party & Play facility located in Greenfield, WI ( Out-of-state stationary caving/spelunking simulators are located outdoors at Talking Rocks Caverns in Branson, MO (, and several Colorado locations such as Keystone Resort and Glenwood Caverns Adventure Parks. Overseas, similar caving/spelunking simulators are commonly called Speleobox with most located in the Netherlands and France.


How can I learn more about caving?
There are many publications, websites and Speleological Associations that are great resources for the caving enthusiast. Here are a couple websites that may be of interest to you:
· National Speleological Society, Huntsville, AL
· Wisconsin Speleological Society (WSS)  
· Eagle Cave, Blue River, WI
· Cave of the Mounds, Blue Mounds, WI

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