Crawl Maze

"Caving builds

confidence and self-

esteem. It promotes

physical fitness while

having fun. Come

enjoy the experience!"


Rent one today and Take the Speleo Challenge!
Our Speleo Cave Crawl Maze is available for rent or for hire. Rental rates are based upon an event with up to 25 persons and is dependent on prime (summer) or non-prime(non-summer) seasons and whether a weekday or weekend. For events with over 25 persons or where you wish to hire us for pay-as-you-go or split-profit events, please contact us to discuss your particular event and to check availability. We always strive for a win-win! 
  • $200 (weekday and non-summer, 3 hours)
  • $225 (weekend and non-summer, weekday and summer, 3 hours)
  • $250 (weekend and summer, 3 hours)
  • Call for events with greater than 25 persons or whole day sessions

Rates are subject to change without notice.


The Speleo Cave is the newest and most exciting attraction in the party rental industry. It carries a point of differentiation that is unparalleled by any other attraction. Most importantly it’s simple, safe & fun for all ages.

The Speleo Cave is 5 winding levels high and 3 chambers wide with roughly 100+ linear feet of bending, turning & twisting crawl maze. Kids enter the Cave and navigate through the tunnel with genuine excitement. The Cave consists of several twists and turns both up and down that simulate the caving experience. Children learn to contort their body in order to traverse the challenging path enhancing problem solving abilities and stimulating the mind.

Speleo Cave is a fun and safe attraction for kids 4 yrs old and up. You can’t get lost in the maze with the defined path; only one way in and one way out. Two access gates are strategically located in the more difficult to navigate areas.

Speleo Cave is a great entertainment attraction for your next event: School Carnivals, Birthday Parties, Church Picnics, Company Parties, Weddings, etc.

"Take the Speleo Challenge"